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Bill Pay is the best service for your day to day credit card payments

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Bill Pay is your one-stop credit card payment service
for almost all your transactions

We deliver your credit card payments to businesses you receive goods and services from. It’s that simple.
Online Payment Transfer
We promise to deliver your payment Quickly, Safely, and Securely to your intended bill provider. We do not provide any warranty concerning the product or service you purchase. We simply deliver your payment.
Security payment
In order to make a payment through Bill Pay, you must register as a Member and log in to your account through our secure portal.
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If you realize, within 24-hours, you have made a payment in error, and you want to be refunded for the payment, simply contact our support team and, in many cases, your payment can be refunded directly to your credit card immediately, and you will see your credit the same day.

However, if your payment has already been delivered to the payee, you must contact them directly for a refund. We can assist by providing you the contact name and number of the person who would get your refund handled in the shortest possible time.

When you process your payment through Bill Pay you are purchasing a service; the delivery of your payment amount. Due to the fact, your payment is considered a purchase, you get to enjoy the benefits of rewards programs offered by your credit card company.

The Convenience Fee you pay to have your payment delivered is your PDF (Payment Delivery Fee) and is your guarantee the payment will be handled quickly, safely, and securely.

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If there is a delay in processing your payment for any reason, and our service is the cause for the delay, we will refund the entire amount of your Convenience Fee.

Please check with your payee to determine if there is a Convenience fee