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Does your password not work?

We can be a bit extreme when it comes to security, but it only makes sense when we're handling your payment information.
If there are multiple unsuccessful login attempts, your username and password may become locked.
To unlock your account information, you must contact our support team:

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You can edit and update your profile information at any time through the web portal. Just click the "Edit" button and update any information you need to edit. When you're done, click "Update" to save your changes.

Did you not receive a receipt for your payment?

When a payment is processed successfully, a receipt is automatically emailed to the Email address you provided in your profile. If you do not see your receipt in your email inbox, you may want to check your Junk or Spam folders. If you still don't see your receipt, please contact our support team: You will need to provide your Account ID, Payment Date, Payment Amount, Payee Name.

DO NOT send password or credit card information through Email!

You can always access your receipts through the portal.


BillPay.Services is an independently owned and operated online electronic bill payment management service, offering business and consumer services. We act as a payment agent for both the payer and the payee. Payments made through BillPay.Services are forwarded to selected payees on behalf of our registered Members.

BillPay.Services helps businesses who may not have an e-business infrastructure, to give their customers the convenience of online credit card payment options, and provide Members with the convenience of one secure web-based location through which they can pay bills or invoices.

All employees at BillPay.Services are carefully screened through multiple security/background checks and bound by strict security and confidentiality agreements, encompassing Member personal payment information and related billing details.

Businesses partnered with BillPay.Services are allocated a dedicated Account Manager and Technical Support Specialist who can access billing data on a need-to-know basis. No other employees at BillPay.Services are authorized or permitted to view billing information.

Only registered Members may use BillPay.Services This registration process allows us to act as your payment agent and ensure your information's privacy and security. Registration is quick, simple, and always free! Once registered and making payments through BillPay.Services you will have access to your profile information, a list of payee businesses you can make payments to, historical payment information, and detailed e-Receipts for all your payments.

e-Receipts are payment confirmations that are sent to you through the Email address you provide in your profile. To protect your privacy and security, e-Receipts will NEVER contain credit card information. Your e-Receipts will ONLY show the Payment Date, Payment Amount, and Transaction ID for your payment. Your e-Receipts are for reference only and do not specifically constitute Proof of Payment.

Payments are accepted through BillPay.Services are limited to those partner companies which have agreed to designate BillPay.Services as an agent authorized to accept payment for specific accounts ONLY.

If you are not sure your payment will be accepted using our service, please contact our helpful support team:

Payments made through our service to Payees who have not agreed to designate BillPay.Services as an agent authorized to accept payment will be credited back to your credit card as a reversed transaction.

We remit your payment to your payees based on an agreed-upon schedule. This schedule might vary between payee companies based on their internal systems and processes. However, all payee companies have real-time access to reports that show them whether your payment has been approved or declined. All payee companies we partner with should accept your transaction number as temporary proof of payment.

We do charge a small Convenience Fee for each payment made through the system. This fee is only charged on the total amount of your transaction, so if multiple payments are made during one total transaction, the convenience fee is still only charged one time.

This fee allows us to keep our rates highly competitive to the partner companies we work with, making it possible for those same companies to offer the convenience of credit card payments for you the consumer.

Once you have selected a payee from the list provided, we will save the payee and your account number. Next time you log in to your account, you can choose this payee from your payee list, and we'll retrieve your account number for you. You can add new Payees to your list any time you are logged into your account.

No one may authorize payment of any kind to any of your payees without your permission. To help ensure this, your payment sources and preferences are confidential and are never released to any third party. You may directly authorize one of your payees to process a payment through our service on your behalf. If you choose to do so, the confidentiality of payment information released to the payee will be governed by their privacy and security policies.

We act as agents for both the payer and the payee within each transaction. BillPay.Services, and in some cases, your payee, are the only parties capable of accessing the information you provide. All-access to your personal information is forbidden without your permission, except when required by law. For more information, please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express to make your payments.

Your profile can easily be updated at any time using our secure web portal. You can update your Email address, postal address, telephone numbers, or any other information you have provided.